WordPress Website Support Services

At WP Website Support Gurus we offer a selection of WP website support services to help you keep your website performing well. Our website support services include helping you connect WordPress to the platforms you already use, WP plugin updates, theme updates and customizations, WP core updates, adding features, and more.

We Offer a Wide Selection of WP Support Services Our WordPress (WP) Support Services Include

Website Optimization
WordPress Support Quick Changes, Updates, and more

Our WP Support Services include one-off changes to your WP website. We can update plugins, update themes, make design and layout changes, add/remove content, add WP Forms, improve user experience, and more. Submit a WP Ticket and we will get to work.

Website Analysis
WordPress Website Analysis Improve your website's performance

We help websites perform better. This includes improving WordPress website speed optimization, conversions, lead generation, code correction, pixel optimization, debugging, funnel optimization, and Google Analytics analysis. Submit a WP Ticket and we will get to work.

WP Support WP Website Support Services - SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Get the best rank for your Website

Our WordPress Support Services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of WordPress websites. This includes e-commerce product SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, online store SEO, product SEO, media SEO, local SEO, and more. Submit a WP Ticket and we will get to work.

WP Support Gurus No developer, no problem.

Whether you need to overhaul your website, add content, pages or posts, customize the layout and design, add functionality or anything in between; we can help. We also offer security support, SSL support, virus and malware scanning and removal, and more.

Need to add products to your online store? Have a few ideas but don’t know how to go about them? We’ve got you covered. You may submit a quick ticket or enter our Support Portal and get the help that you need.

WP Website Support Services - SEO

We Offer a Wide Selection of WP Website Support Our WordPress (WP) Support Services Also Include


$ 350

WordPress (WP) Development by the hour. Unused hours can be allocated based on your needs.


$ 700

WordPress (WP) Development by the hour. Unused hours can be allocated based on your needs.


$ 1,020

WordPress (WP) Development by the hour. Unused hours can be allocated based on your needs.

WP Website Support Services Social Media Marketing

Website Content by the Word Get the copy that you need for your website

WP Support Gurus offers access to the best resources on the planet where for content from the top freelance writers, editors, and content strategists to grow your business organically—the content marketing way! Place an order for Content by the Word, open a ticket with your copy request details. Tell us about your website, keywords, and any title ideas. We will get to work.

WordPress (WP) Connects We help our clients connect their WP websites

WP Support Gurus specializes in all things WP. With our WordPress Website Support Services you can get help connecting your website to the other platforms that you are already using. We can help connect WordPress websites to CRM, connect to SalesForce, connect to Stripe, connect to PayPal, connect to MailChimp, connect to Google Analytics, connect to Facebook, connect to Twitter, and connect to Instagram. You can also connect WordPress to YouTube, connect WordPress to Vimeo, connect WordPress to your accounting system, and so much more. We could go on, but know that if there is a service or platform that you use for some part of your digital marketing, WordPress likely has a way to connect to it.

WP Support - Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization Increases your online revenue with the same traffic

If you are selling using a WordPress website, then you have what is called a sales funnel. We help our clients optimize their digital sales funnels so that users have a great user experience, find what they are looking for quickly, and can checkout seamlessly.

Our Funnel and Conversion Optimization services include User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design and optimization. Those are fancy words for saying we help websites looking and work a lot better, we help measure, and we help scale what works.

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