Support Policy


The purpose of WP Support Gurus’ Help Desk and Ticketing System is to provide support to facilitate several support processes. Users will have the ability to submit Pre-sale Questions; IT Support Requests, General Questions, and Tickets that are attached to Support Orders.


Support Portal:

Ticket Logging: Tickets can be created using our easy to use ticket form.

Ticket Updates & Communication: All ticket related communications will be conducted via the support portal and logged.

Ticket Completion: Upon completion of a ticket, users will be notified and will have the option to re-open closed tickets if needed.

Escalation Point of Contact: In the event that you would like to escalate your ticket, please send an email directly to [email protected].

Priority Levels

Critical - 12 Hour Response

Critical tickets may prevent a customer from working or cause other devastating consequences. These tickets are often worked first or passed to a senior team member.

Example ticket matters:

  • Critical system is down
  • Little to no functionality
  • No workaround
  • Data corrupted
  • Many users affected
  • Regulatory or legal implications
  • Password Resets
  • Classroom session is interrupted
High - 24 Hour Response

High priority tickets may affect multiple staff members, customers, or departments.

Example ticket matters:

  • Functionality Restricted
  • No workaround
  • Several users affected
Medium - 48 Hour Response

Medium priority tickets may affect a limited number of departments or customers. Customers may be able to continue work by applying a workaround.

Example ticket matters:

  • Basic functionality with some restrictions
  • Workaround available
  • One or more users affected
Normal - 72 Hour Response

Normal priority tickets affect only one or two customers and may present an inconvenience, but do not impede work.

Example ticket matters:

  • Minor problem
  • Functionality unaffected
  • Cosmetic design or annoyance
  • Grammar / copy correction
  • Page additions
  • Content change


  • Response hours are calculated in business hours in Eastern Standard Time.
  • Any materials, templates, screenshots, and information provided will be stored securely and can be exported or erased at your request.
  • In addition to this Support Policy, you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.